Our Approach

In accordance with its mandate, the Due Diligence Project utilizes a multi-prong approach, namely –

  • Undertaking groundbreaking research and analysis, and translating these into standards for policy and legal reform and tools for their practical implementation;
  • Providing targeted technical assistance to government officials in their development, implementation and application of laws, programmes, and policies. This is done through workshops with government decision-makers, judiciary, law enforcement institutions and line ministries.
  • Building capacities of civil society organisations to assess their governments’ human rights compliance in order to establish smart partnerships with governments to end discrimination and violence against women;
  • Enhancing the knowledge base in specific themes/issues such as social norms, culture and family life, online violence through research through consultations with experts, engagements with stakeholders and industry actors;
  • Collaborating with and supporting key international policy makers and influencers such as inter-governmental organizations, treaty bodies and mandate holders in the promotion protection and fulfilment of women’s human rights.