The Due Diligence Framework

The Due Diligence Framework offers a comprehensive framework for approaching violence against women based on the international legal principle of due diligence through its designation of the “5Ps” – prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment, and provision of redress. The Framework was the culmination of a three-half year research project across 48 countries to find ways to have more effective programming through the lens of State obligation to eliminate violence against women.

Research findings indicate that while there had been tremendous strides made internationally to create norms and standards for State action to end violence against women and nationally to promulgate laws and set policies and programmes, there were critical gaps in effective implementation of these norms. These implementation gaps needed to be addressed by States in collaboration with civil society if true elimination of violence against women and gender equality was to be achieved.

The Due Diligence Framework translates the essential attributes of the due diligence principle to make them universally applicable and contextually relevant at a country level. It is a tool for States to assess their own progress in implementing human rights and formulating human rights-based public policies and programmes.