The Due Diligence Project

The Due Diligence Project is dedicated to reimagining effective implementation of women’s human rights at the international, national, community and personal levels. It has a targeted mandate to undertake in-depth analysis to sharpen and refine accountability standards and work with key stakeholders to incorporate human rights norms and standards into State policies and programmes and apply human rights norms to contemporary and emerging issues and enhance implementation. With the increasingly critical role of non-State transnational industry actors, the Due Diligence Project has also expanded its mandate to include the human rights norms and standards applicable to business entities.

Due Diligence Project

Paper on Due Diligence and Accountability for Online Violence against Women


The Due Diligence Framework offers a comprehensive framework for approaching violence against women based on the international legal principle of due diligence through its designation of the “5Ps” – prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment, and provision of redress. The Framework was the culmination of a three-half year research project across 48 countries to find ways to have more effective programming through the lens of State obligation to eliminate violence against women. Download